Blogging for my creative side! :D


For this week we learned a little bit about theatre. Right from the start I was a bit nervous in what we had to perform because I do not like other people looking at me. We had to use our bodies to illustrate what we wanted to say from the pictures above. My group and I decided to demonstrate the people who were harvesting. We started with our bodies being frozen and then proceeded with demonstrating how hard these people are working at harvesting. After that we had to perform a creative tension that was shown when we attended fieldwork. My group decided to perform one of mine creative tensions because it was about a boy writing about having a broken heart. I had a lot of fun performing the girl who declined the little boy and I made a couple of classmates laugh. :D Overall, I thought I was going to have an issue performing but once it came to it I totally forgot about being shy and went along plays a character and that was a lot of fun.