Blogging for my creative side! :D


So as a fun activity the class had to try different positions like the ones that are displayed above. There at least 10 different positions and I tried all of them but I liked these ones the most. I felt that I connected more to them and they were pretty easy to perform. It was fun to perform these because it did not cross my mind that it was impossible for me to perform me, but just the fact that I had to do it and that it was gonna be fun. We had to perform them with the groups that we were indicated to do it. I was not shy or anything to do this because usually I am afraid that people will judge me. After performing them individually we had to partner up with another person and perform their dance also. It was really fun combining my dance with my partner’s dance because I was able to use my body more and just have fun. These three positions were really easy to perform but I connected with them because the first one is about relaxation and that is something I really needed after a hell week of midterms. The second positions has the football celebrating a touchdown and in a way you can say I was celebrating the ending of midterm week. Lastly, the third position has the tennis player happily celebrating a victory and that was a feeling I wish I had when i was done with midterms hoping I did well.