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2nd Day of Fieldwork

Once again I returned to the UCI poetry fieldwork and this time we had the opportunity to listen and read the poems of the children that Sue liked. The children were really happy when they saw their poem on the paper and those whose poems were not on the paper wanted to work harder to make sure that everyone saw what they had written. Some of the children were able to go back to their poems and work on them, while others got an inspiration from the new poem that was read to them. This one student who did not do anything the first day I went in told me he was gonna try better because he wanted his poem to be typed up. He did a really good job and I was happy to say that I had my students working on their poems. Other students continued with their work to make it better or just to continue with it. Once again I am very surprise when these students write their poems because they are so imaginative and great that I know by this age I would not be able to make such great poems. These fours hours with the children I have appreciated their capability of being themselves and opening up to the other students through their poetry.

After filling in between the lines and using my fingers to smooth out the colors we could trace some seashells onto the paper. I decided to trace a starfish, a clam, and two sea shells that I found really pretty. I decided to make the clam disappear within the colors and have the two sea shells stand out because I find then ridiculously gorgeous. While traces then I decide that it represented my mom and me. They are both two beautiful sea shells, but just traced in a different type of color. I am very happy the way my art piece came out because I would never have done an art piece that involved chalk. 

For this week we had the opportunity to go to the Orange County Art Museum of Art and look at some abstract paintings. It was nice to have a different type of learning from the usual lecture and student listen to the professor. As an art project we were able to use chalk to resemble the art work of the artist that we learned for that day. I had a lot of fun working on this project because in my mind i was thinking of doing a dark art piece with manly using black, but it came out with multiple bright colors and I loved it. We had to draw at least four lines across the paper and I had fun drawing them anywhere I wanted. I started off with blue and red because those were the colors that attracted me the most and then i just colored it in with green, yellow, and more red. I had a lot of fun not thinking what I had to draw, but just free drawing anything that came into mind.

1st Day of Fieldwork

It was my first day at my fieldwork yesterday with the UCI poetry at El Sol Academy. I did not know what to expect but for sure I had fun helping and watching the children come up with their own poems. Even though these children were third graders, some made up some brilliant poems and i was very astonished. I spend fours working with different groups of children and each children had a different topic to write about that was related to their life. There was a kid that was writing a love poem because there was a girl in his class that he liked. I thought that was so cute and grow up about him because he was able to relate his personal life with the assignment. I found it really interesting how the kids were willing to present their poems with the class, I think I would have been so embarrass to present. One interesting factor that occurred during my fieldwork experience was a poem that was made by a little boy and it was about violence. It is a bit alarming to hear a 3rd grade boy talk about violence like he did, but at the same time I do not know what he has been through to express himself. I have always had a thing for poetry because I believe it is a healthy way to express myself. The kids had to pick out words from the poems that the teacher was reading to them at loud and with those words the children had to make up their own poem. I thought it was such a wonderful way to make up your poem using the words that you heard because it helps you start off somewhere and just continue from there. 

For this week in class we had to come up with a mythical creature, give it magical powers, and come up with a place to where it lives. As you can see I am not the greatest artist in the world, I really wanted to draw a fairy because I believe that a fairy an awesome mythical creature. But I went along with a butterfly because it was easier to draw and it still went along with the whole concept of a creature having wings. 

Creature Name: Cantseeme

Special Powers: Invisibility

Lives: Indo Valley

A question that was posed to the class was how would we incorporate this art project in a classroom. Personally, I would use this lesson for students who have ADHD because it will help them focus on one thing at a time and it will be fun. Additionally, if they were working with a poem I would ask my students to illustrate what they poem makes them feel. 

I was able to finish my Color Spectrum wheel and I was very happy with the results because I was not comparing my work to anybody else’s and I focused on relieving some stress and enjoying the art project. I finally was able to make light and dark colors and I was very proud of myself for that. As an assignment the professor asked us to write color equations and sentences. I came up with a couple of sentences and they are the following: 

"I am 100% plum emerald loud."

"I am 1/2 lemon tourquoise bold."

"I am 1/4 raspberry ruby cool."

"I am 1/12 blueberry sapphire bright."

I decided to take pictures of the colors I mixed because they looked so pretty. ^_^ I made this cute color “purple” (the left pic) and this cute color “green” (the right pic). 

The start of the Color Spectrum. We had to start with the three primary colors of the color wheel. I tried staying in between the lines but I could not so I just gave up. I remember working on the color Spectrum when I was younger and I did not do a good job on it, so when we were given this assignment I became a bit anxious. I have never been that creative but I was determine to make my wheel the way I want it.

In this art project we could only use the colors black, white, and red. We had to chose images and/or words that stood out to us and made some type of emotional impact. Right away I was drawn to the entertainment section because the image of the girl with the gun stood out to me and then the words “men,” “monsters,” “love,” “can’t love,” “lost,” and so many other powerful words. It was really to chose these words because they all relate to what I am going through in my life at the moment. I really did not know where I was going or what I was doing because my creative side took over. My emotions and creative side just guided my fingers to do the art work. I am really happy with my last product because even though I did not know what I was doing, it still represents me. :D I decided to color in the words “men,” “monsters,” and “animals” because in a way I wanted them to be “blacked out” but at the same seen by the viewers. There is a heart that is dripping blood around the words “love” and “can’t love.” These words are opposites of each other. I really liked how I surrounded the girl with red and white. The color white for me represented “light, clarity,” while the color red represented “dark, danger.” As the girl is about to shoot everything below her has been taken over the color red. I made my own interpretation of the image, no matter what she does there will be no change like the words that are next to her (“Hasn’t Change”), therefore it is dangerous. Additionally, the red represents blood (I guess). I decided to put the word “END” in red and at the bottom. I am still trying to figure out why I did that. 

First art project for our class. I felt like a little girl again working on something fun and creative, which I hardly do on my free time as a college student. My friends call me “Crazy” because I am always willing to do something devious with them, but something good also. I am always doing or saying something crazy around them and they sometimes can not believe that I will be doing some of the things I have done. Additionally, my dad calls me “Negra” which means black in English haha I know it sounds bad but in Spanish there is a sweeter tone to it. It is a sweet nickname I have grow up with and my dad calls me this all time.